How I predict crypto coins success or failure?


The concept of bitcoins is the basis for the introduction of too many altcoins. Every now and then; we can see new altcoins in the market. Today, there are many altcoins available. The latest one has been released about thirty hours ago and named Sleak. Many people ask if there are certain key features that make a coin successful or mark it as failure. What do you think after analyzing the current market stats? Have you found any key grounds that are necessary for the success of an altcoin? Today’s market has been crowded with new altcoins and it is really hard to compete for every new altcoin team—- so, what makes an altcoin stand out?

Bitcoin will forever survive at the front position of crypto exchanges because it was a pioneering concept just similar to GAW cloud mining. However, due to imposed limitations on bitcoins; people are more interested to play with altcoins. So, I believe that there is sufficient room for supplementary crypto coins particularly in the near future.

However, I was more concerned about finding the secrets for crypto coins and found some amazing factors that act catalyst in promotion of altcoins, such as:

  • Strategic Positioning and marketing
  • Great hashing power
  • Community’s confidence, support and adoption

However, it is my opinion about altcoins and it can be wrong. You all are invited to say your own as I have witnessed some successful releases that have brought me to my opinion which is based upon the experience of these successful launches. People perceived and predicted that Potcoin,Dogecoin,Blackcoin and many others may not exist but they still survives the race. So, people or community support is a major aspect when it comes to the altcoins industry.

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