What’s the perceived future of Altcoin according to the Inside Bitcoin London Conference?


It was exciting for me to see an exclusive panel just dedicated for Altcoins discussion in Inside Bitcoin London Conference. Above all other factors, I was amazed to see the name of Vikran Nikkam in the list of Altcoin’s discussion panel. He is an altcoin developer and currently heading Unocoin. But I am extremely sorry to say that it was just everyone’s expectation like me and it didn’t come true.

However, I can’t say that other members were not worth listening as the panel was composed of intellectuals who have hands on the subject. Every individual played an important role in discussion but Marc Warne from Bittylicious had an exclusive grip of knowledge regarding Altcoins. Bittylicious is currently dealing in Bitcoins as well as altcoins including BlackCoin and Quark.

I should admit that some profound points have been raised by the panel. When we consider the extent of cryptocurrency business, ninety percent or more is done through Bitcoin. The other ten percent comprises of Crypto 2.0 and altcoin transactions. Even still nobody doubts the overpowering frequency and applicability of Bitcoin.

However, I felt some biasness in favor of bitcoin in the conference. It is not that I am crazy follower of altcoin but I was shocked as I observed oblivious attitude of people towards altcoin. People literally expressed extremely negative remarks as someone said that he does not have any interest in any coins other than Bitcoin and he thinks that there will not be any innovation in the industry.

That someone is Flavien Charlon who is heading Coinprism as well as Predictious. I believe that even if you are new to altcoins; you can feel the difference. Altcoins are fairly different to Bitcoins and many new features are being introduced but such statements are just discouraging. Moreover, I bet that these innovative features will be adopted by Bitcoin in near future. At present, Bitcoin is following no innovation.

Moreover, I think and believe that Mr. Charlon’s statement was totally against the panel’s title as “The future of Altcoins”. Anyhow, everyone has his/her own opinion but this statement was distressing for me on an individual and professional stage.

Mr. Michael Terpin made a strong statement saying that he believes that Appcoin will be the best possible substitute for Bitcoin. It was a valid point raised by Terpin but I think that there is no such urgent need for such replacement. Bitcoin, appcoins, altcoins and Crypto 2.0 should survive the market side by side and offer good diversification to traders and miners.

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