A Modest Crypto-Asset Wisdom: SuperNET, BitUSD and MaidSafeCoin


If we want to achieve decent, profitable results in our investitions in crypto currencies, we need to try to predict future and consequently design a moderate strategy that is targeted towards our goals. If we wish to be good crypto currency traders, it is necessary to analyze the ongoing happenings around us. We should analyze current trends, and if it is necessary, review our decisions, redesign our strategies and swap our goal priorities in order to sustain, survive and grow our business. Today we present a small discussion, which will focus on some top crypto-assets, though not all of them.


MastecoinLet’s start with a brief characteristic of Mastercoin, which value is constantly growing and have already received a lot of attention . Crucial difference between Mastercoin and the other currencies is that Mastercoin is aiming to create anentirely new network ok, commodities and securities on top of Bitcoin itself, rather than just trying to bootstrap a new blickchain. This allows anyone to create a coin that serves as an analog to an existing currency or commodity — say gold or a US dollar. Supply of each coin would be held in check with an escrow fund build into the coin’s protocol. Everyone who wants to invest can put forward anything out of extra resources – they are subsequently paid back routinely all the way through MaidSafeCoin. This is a fully decentralized platform on which application developers can build decentralized applications. The network is made up by individual users who contribute storage, computing power and bandwidth to form a world-wide autonomous system. It is a self-financing system of an traightforward and intelligent assortment that anticipates generation of a censorship-free web. Through the protected system, hosting is dispersed to avoid determination of physical server position for anybody to achieve illegitimate access to the server. The software implementing MasterCoins contains simple tools, allowing anyone to design and release their own currency, with their own rules, without doing any software development. This is undoubtedly a revolution in the world of cryptos.


SuperNET is an immediate and a rational subsequent approach to the Dogecoin/Litecoin pseudo-merge. It permits the coins to group collectively and at the same time remain assorted. This way, everybody benefits – every supplementary coin association has an advantage to the entire community in the SuperNET, and pararelly, the credit goes to the network. The whole process sustains heterogeneity. Development and popularity of the project will show if it is the real future of solving problems with crypto currencies.


BitUSD frames a distributed independent conglomerate, the solitary reason of which it permits community to set out bout or protracted strategies regarding price of BitSharesX vs. USD. It may not appear inspiring; however it’s in fact very important. It is enabling the process of waiting for the asset to achieve value in relation to two other assets. In other words, it is transference of determining swap rates.

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