What is Bitcoin technology position in relation to


Blogging about bitcoin is not only my profession but it is my passion as well. I follow each and every Bitcoin happening to understand and bring the complete picture. However, it’s strange, shocking and alarming for me to hear Bitcoin conspiracy news . I was unable to understand people accusing Bitcoin of being a disruptive technology. Finally, I was compelled to study the backgound of this theory. I was interested to know the real backgoundof Bitcoin technology. Areas that I have foucused on include:


Bitcoin deployment

Troublesome to present businesses – is not individually considered as an important topic in the media just like other options including eBay vs OpenBazaar, Paypal vs Coinbase.

I promptly established my arguments on each aspect, especially payroll services. The payroll industry is not really huge, however it is not too small either– annual proceeds for the payroll services are anticipated to reach about $40 Billion. Payroll dispensation services largely affect many individuals but it remains unnoticed, processing of deposits in short time, abridging tax maintenance for owners and making things easier at the end of the year.

The most interesting thing about Bitcoin are supported payroll services is the absence of coverage. Actually, no one has considered this factor and its effects. It can craft a quite big change in this sector during a short-time period. Assuming this disruptive possibility; we are considering a simple example of as it is surviving the market.

Do you have any idea how works? It is really simple as the employer just forwards a payroll request to together with a debit/credit payment, wire transfer or a bitcoin payment. After receiving the request; executes the request once the funds are clear or when there is enough Bitcoin confirmations.

So, it means that Bitcoin is by now set out and practical. Bitwage is currently working in the alpha mode and their website needs much improvement. Moreover, it has been established that Bitwage can do and is doing much better compared to other traditional. It is a currency with the aim of automation, and achieving minimal fees. Moreover, Bitcoin is the name of an incremental improvement and companies like Bitwage can do much better with this technology.

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