Vogogo signs decisive incorporation agreement with Cryptsy

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Vogogo took another great step in conquering a major obstacle in the use of cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin by announcing today that they had gone into an agreement where it would give its proprietary a risk management, compliance and payment process podium to the top US cryptocurrency exchange, Cryptsy.

Referencing to the press release, the company’s platform offer Cryptsy, the world’s leading altcoin exchange amid, more than 260,000 listed users, with full security, compliance, payment services and risk management that enables  them to provide their users flawless exchange involving fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies such as CAD and USD.


According to experts, to be able to cooperate with traditional banking system and payment system is a serious step to the extensive proliferation and adoption of altcoins and Bitcoin in particular.

According to the Chief Executive Officer Geoff Gordon, he also comments on the deal “We are delighted about rapidly mounting crypto corporations like Cryptsy considerate the worth of Vogogo and their willingness of working with our team. We are looking forward to help them in enhancing and expanding the services they are offering all over the world.”

The founder of Cryptsy Paul Vernon, added, “We are eager to initiate a system of payment for all users to buy and sell in fiat market the currency like crypto currencies in much easier and secure way. We are confident that our customers will be thankful for what Vogogo has piled up.” The shares have climbed up 8.57% on the information to $1.90 per share.  At the moment there are 39.2m outstanding shares of market value of $72.5 million.