Chain of Conflict by Coin 2.1


Before I get into details, let me introduce Coin 2.1 and its functionality. Coin 2.1 is a virtual currency that falls under the category of Altcoins. The concept of coin2.1 is based around the idea of being a gaming currency. Not only they are aiming at the whole gaming community but their wallet to wallet transfer is extremely fast which facilitate any transaction.

What is Chain of Conflict?

Chain of Conflict is one of the many games which are being developed as i am writing this right now. According to Zyronx ( the communication Manager of the coin2.1 team), COC is a community driven project and it was officially announced on February 23, 2014. A dedicated team of designers and developers are involved in this project. Chain of conflict is a first person shooter game with high quality graphics using an engine as powerful as the one being used on some of the PS4 and Xbox One games.

The Team

Kalisto2002, King ArbinV, Joel511, Roslin, Nikhil and many others. They are a young and enthusiast team, which are registered with Kalisto2002 and King ARbinV are the main FPS game developers.  Roslin is working as the Level Designer and Nikhil is responsible  for  character designing.

About the altcoin

Coin2.1 has been distributed in a proportion of 97.5% to the first 1000 created wallets. The coin is a hybrid PoW-PoS with 60 sec block time, different targeting for each mined block, 3 minimum necessary transaction confirmations as well as 50 minted block confirmations.

About the game: Demo Testing

Chain Of Conflict was announced in April and all members were happy to enjoy the game. Actually, the demo version looked amazing but the game was not yet near completion. You could see a default character, few rooms and some limited action. However, people are restlessly waiting for the final version.

Coin21Graphics of the game

After experiencing and analyzing the demo version, it feels like the developers and the designers are working hard to achieve the ultimate and finest game play. It was amazing to test the actual demo with such high quality graphics. However, it is taking time network issues and game developments. Exclusive maps are under development but this kind of  game takes a lot of time and the team is not aiming at releasing an incomplete game. When you think about these high graphic games released by sony and other major gaming companies , they make you wait multiple years before releasing anything close to a demo which bring us to understand how hard these games are to develop.

Other games in development

While working on the main event, coin2.1 is not only based on the idea of developing only one game.They have a goal which is to aim at the whole gaming community. The big pictures is very easy to understand. Basically they develop their own games and integrate their own gaming currency. They are also open to some possible partnerships with other gaming companies in the future, but are not eager to rush anything at the moment as they are very occupied with the many developments.

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