Darkcoin is now available for trading on CCEDK

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CCEDK and its features (Crypto Coins Exchange Danemark ApS) is a Danish digital currency exchange platform, launched in May 2014, which offers trading in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Nxt, Nubits, BlackCoin, Bitshares, Dogecoin, Reddcoin, FIMKrypto, Bitmark, and since yesterday, Darkcoin. It focuses on security and transparency and is known for its security and being presented as the first crime-free cryptocurrency trading platform. Along with its extensive supported cryptocurrency list, the platform also offers a wide range of fiat currencies, which includes Danish/Norwegian kroner, British pounds, US dollars and euros. Thanks to a partnership with Skrill Direct Banking, CCEDK has been supporting direct deposits from 3,600-plus European banks in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland, since the end of June. CCEDK collects a wide audience thanks to its accessibility – dual-language English/Russian interface, user-friendly layout.

Platform developers have plans for creating interfaces in more languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Danish and Chinese. This policy suggests that further expansion is on the horizon – and it is not only about language accessibility. It helps to trade the assets easily, however, CCEDK was often overlooked. Now all the eyes of altcoin investors are on the platform, as it have announced that they are now accepting Darkcoin. Importantly, with currency expansion comes further development of security and financial stability. Notably, the company stores 30% of cryptocurrency revenues in a “reserve fund” to protect customers in case of losses. Regarding transparency, the company displays publicly the law firm its been working with, and said it was firmly following the SEPA regulations.

Darkcoin gaining wide interest

The idea behind Darkcoin, which was launched at the beginning of this year, is, first and foremost, privacy. For instance, it takes a lot of work for Bitcoin users to achieve a wanted level of privacy using such arduous methods as having to juggle multiple wallets, cold storage, and numerous keys. The brainchild behind Darkcoin, Evan Duffield, explained his motivation for creating this privacy-oriented crypto-currency:

“I believe the central problem with Bitcoin is that the public ledger, although a remarkable
accomplishment, also allows a gross invasion of personal privacy by permanently listing all
transactions the users have ever done publicly.”

shutterstock opensourceUndoubtedly, allowing the privacy-centered digital currency will make it even more popular and give it European exposure. While Darkcoin is consequently gaining popularity, especially in Russia, Ukraine and Poland, Darkcoin’s integration into CCEDK seems like a coherent move and should benefit to both the exchanger, and the cryptocurrency’s expansion.

On September 29, Darkcoin team has announced the digital currency exited its beta versions, and officially opened its source. While the altcoin’s price rallied in the first half of September, the price curiously began to drop following the announcement.

Earlier this week, an attack on the network forced Darkcoin’s developers to patch the masternode list syncing functionality. The attacker gained control over the majority of the masternodes by exploiting “the fact that [they] were not checking the signing key correctly,” allowing the individual to sign with an invalid key. Darkcoin developers urge all users to update to the latest binaries.

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