MangoCoinz Interview: Mining crypto on your mobile

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Are you looking for an exciting and thrilling technique of mining coins? So, you don’t need to wait anymore as Mango Coinz Cryptocurrency has been made available on your androids. A self explanatory video for the application has been launched and you can watch it here:  

I am using an android phone and I downloaded the application instantly. It was confusing for me at first as I was unable to understand the whole concept for a while but then I applied vibrant shivering like just if I was mixing a cocktail and I succeeded in creating a ManGoCoinz. Conceivably we possibly will begin carrying our handset while jogging or we can place these coin machines on our car’s dashboard while driving.  

I have observed many people discussing about ways of producing coins on mobile devices and everyone is interested to experiment new applications as people are ready to get rid of expensive  asic and gpu rigs. Out of total 16.75 million coins; a total of over fifty thousand coins have been created. But there are expectations that more coins will be created at an immense pace as more members are joining the platform. This might be the real solution for a wider distribution with the potential of reaching a way bigger audience than the usual Cryptocurrency miners.


While the Cryptocurrency market is growing day by day and mining becoming harder and harder to setup,configure and execute there are new coins releases which are simply waiting for their chances to show something innovative. We have decided to look out for the latest innovative ideas and we felt on this one; mangocoinz. This is why we are now interviewing the team behind this whole project.

Coin-Network: Could you briefly explain where did this idea come from and what’s the concept behind it?

Mangocoinz Team:We were freshmen when we first started engaging ourselves in the world of Cryptocurrencies and one of the first questions that came to our mind when we saw how complicated it was to setup and use the standard CPU and GPU miners (from the average user’s perspective) was could this be done easier? Does it really have to be bound to a PC? How about something that can be mined on your phone? It was then that the coin was born. We thought about making Cryptocurrencies more accessible to people, and what better way to do that than have it on your phone.

C-N: Seeing the name mangocoinz and the concept being mobile mining, it is hard to actually understand the link between the name and the capacity of mining crypto trough your mobile. What does the name has to do with the actual concept?

MGC: Basically Srele(a team member) brought a rough black and white miner concept to class that would one day be MangoCoinz and showed it to the MangoCoinz team. We all agreed that we needed to change the color scheme, and because the miner works by converting movement energy into MangoCoinz we did a Google search on what is the color of energy. We got that it was orange. Then we did another search for a cool orange color and came across one that was cool and it’s name was “Mango Tango”. So that’s where the name MangoCoinz originated. Later we realized that it can also be ManGO, but that was three or four month into the project. The color is also the limit on how many MangoCoinz there will ever be in existence. The color is in hexadecimal and it’s FF8243, and when we convert that to decimal we get the MangoCoinz limit of 16745027.00 MCZ. We found that to be really cool.

C-N: Thank you and this might clear a lot of questions regarding the coin name but how exactly the coins are generated trough mobile?

MGC: Just keep moving with the miner working on your phone and the coins are generated. There is a daily limit so it can be kept fair for all users. The mining will become more difficult with time. Limit will be adapted proportionally.

C-N: You are right about the fact that the only thing anyone has on him at all time is a cell phone. But will it be costly regarding the mobile data plan to have mangocoinz app running on your cell phone while your walking or running outside?

MGC: Data plan is only used when you want to sync the coins, the mining can go on while you are offline. The system “remembers” when you last synced and then let’s say you go camping for the weekend and you stay 3 days where there is no mobile data (this is hypothetical), but you have the miner running in the background while you are walking. When you come back to civilization you will be able to sync a max of 40 MCZ (three days not syncing is 30 MCZ, and another 10 from the day that you are syncing), and if you’ve mined 37 MCZ, you will still be able to sync another 3 MCZ that day until you hit the sync limit.

C-N: Many people have been discussing the possibility of mobile mining but it’s great to see it has actually been done. Any final word or anything else you want to add for the potential investors?

MGC: We are planing on going to an exchange as soon as possible. We have submitted MangoCoinz to several exchanges like Cryptsy. We are currently in the process of redesigning our official website so that it provides more information, and we will be implementing new features. These new features are a blockchain viewer and a rich username viewer. Oh, and we are going to be posting an official MangoCoinz introduction thread on bitcointalk.org in the next couple of days. We also plan on releasing an iOS (iPhone) version of the app.

A global trade market will be implemented soon, but for now users can trade between themselves


    • It is still a pretty new concept, they still have a lot of stuff to work on. All i am doing right now is having the app on my android this is a first time in the Crypto world so i believe it is worth a shot. If by efficient you mean how it gives it an edge over the other mining methods, well for me it’s definitly efficient since it makes it easy for anyone who is not used to mining to introduce his self to it and to also introduce crypto to the whole world making it easier for them to hear and learn about only by having a simple app on their cell phone. If someone never heard of crypto and hear that he can make money from his cell phone just by downloading an app it will surely bring him to want to learn more about the whole Cryptocurrency industry and this is definitly a good thing for the market.

      • why is everything a scam or a joke with you people! People thought Bitcoin was a scam 4 years ago, and still do today! This sounds like a cool idea. :) ManGO is interesting.

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