Cannabis coin: HERBAL WELLNESS Yes we cann event to happen today

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CanncoinOctober 15th a major announcement from the cannabis coin developers was made.

Cannabiscoin was at Herbal Wellness and they have successfully implemented and completed their point of sale systems for accepting CannabisCoin as a payment method. 




The Cannabiscoin team improvement has been constant and their work is heavily noticed on the markets. Less then 2 weeks ago the price of a Cann was still traded around 1200 satoshis and we can notice today  the coin is now trading steadily above 12000 satoshis. A significant raise of more then 1000% in the last two weeks.

Media Coverage:

The event is about to happen in less then 2 hours from now at 11:AM PST and according to the developers it could be covered by medias and they may setup a live streaming for the event.

The Media/Press has been contacted and there will be public interviews and video. Live Streaming maybe setup for this event. The First CannabisCoin transaction patient will be interviewed.


Everyone’s is now looking forward to hear, see and witness the first Cannabiscoin live transaction which is going to be a heavy marketing hit for the altcoin world in general. If this event turns to be a success, we will most likely experience a wider adoption of the Cannabiscoin on a worldwide scale which is what the Cannabiscoin team and community are aiming for.


Donate Cann: CNJcqKzZzxiK7RTbyaeM8kP6ejWJ9czxks


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