WhiteCoin; Officially launched their latest feature WhiteOS

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A lot of you may have forgotten about it, but WhiteCoin is alive and doing very well. Despite the early mess created by the first developers who really did not care much about the coin and the heavy community behind it, WhiteCoin has been rescued by a community takeover which has been successfully able to bring back the Coin from it’s initial abandon.

Most people might be thinking that a community takeover is not to be taken seriously but the WhiteCoin team has a very well structured group where each team member is tasked to their own specific work which  is insuring a stable and continuous development for the coin.

Below you can see the leaders who took control of this project:

Acting President – Chris Salsman (mogonzo)
Vice President – Jason Arnold (
Public Relations – Surfguy72 and Malbee
Operations and Development – Oizopower

Since their community takeover, we can track their development trough their road map here:

Right now their priority is over the WhiteOS feature which is fully released to the public. They are still working on better and future enhancements which they will see fit to announce in due time.

What is the WhiteOS about?

WhiteOS utilizes a custom, optimized and hardened Ubuntu environment based on the latest version 14.04LTS. WhiteOS is a secure and portable operating system that anyone with a PC or laptop will be able to use. Because the OS and Wallet data files are stored on a USB, you effectively have true cold storage, and your coins will follow you wherever you go.


One of the most unique features of this secure environment is that the wallet and browsers are redirected through a TOR proxy to ensure anonymity and privacy (this runs locally by default). When you unplug your USB stick no trace is left on the host PC.

We have decided to approach the team for a simple interview and luckily we found them to be a very open and accessible team.

Knowing the road map is not fully completed yet, could you share some upcoming features or projects being worked on?

We have received many ideas from our community and internal team. The one that is most exciting, and will have a bigger impact on the Crypto community is the development of what we are calling Known User Transactions. Our beta version, with our partners at Dandy, will have a way of registering a wallet/address to a known user. In the beginning it may start off light, but in the end, could meet new regulations regarding “knowing your customer” that we are seeing in the US from FinCen. This would be an optional service, and of course not mandatory for those wanting to remain “unknown.”

Is the WhiteOS system going to be continually developed and new features are going to appear into the system or the purpose of the system is already fully built for what it is supposed to do?

Absolutely WhiteOS will continue to be developed and enhanced. The developer of this during his beta testing realized new features that could be added, but wanted to get it into the hands of the public to utilize the tool he had crafted already. The original purpose has mostly been achieved. I would stay tuned to see more updates regarding future enhancements.

Is there anything else you would like to add for the readers and Crypto-followers?

WhiteCoin and its team has evolved from a shaky beginning and continues to evolve in the ever changing Cryptocurrency realm. We are constantly soliciting feedback and innovations from our community, partners and all team members. If you’ve been in crypto for awhile, or just getting started, we’d love to have you stop by our BCT thread, or on IRC #whitecoinfoundation and introduce yourself. We can also be reached via twitter @whitecoiner or with #whitecoin.


Guide and download:


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  • Great article! WhiteOS, Known User Transactions, Identity Management and so much more. Whitecoin has already been in the market for 6mths, we are already established community of great minded folks. Lots more to come in the future, if you are seeking a longterm hold, Whitecoin is one that you won’t be disappointed with!

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