Ermis the merchant coin is approaching the end of it's IPO phase.

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Ermis  is a digital currency owned by investors through IPO. ERMIS team primary mission Is to secure the investors funds through their multiple pathways in investment.

IPO investors will share the profits from our investment in cloud mining, purchasing mining rigs, merchandise, and business entities.

ERM the merchant

Ermis team has a very specific idea to surround the use of their Cryptocurrency. They are aiming to establish them selves as; merchants, suppliers, manufacturers and managers. Knowing most of the altcoins have the same goal which is merchant adoption in order to widen the use of their coin, Ermis is taking a complete different approach since they are actually aiming to become a merchant themselves trough what, they will be generating revenues to backup their investors funds and to provide a sustainable and healthy support to their market.

We have many outreaches, including re-sellers, wholesalers, retailers, funding a manufacturing company and managing fields which will help us to establish the ERM business network. Connections and relations with investors, holders, clients and costumers will consolidate the coin value, and protect the profits of ERM IPO investors. In addition, all IPO investors will enjoy 10 – 20% discount on all item sold by ERM physical or online stores/shops.

The team went trough a complete POD verification done by Crypto Asian which  is very well known for his implication in the Cryptocurrency community. They have made their identity public and have shown a fully transparent  payout structure regarding their business model as seen below.

Business Features

Ermis the supplier:ERM is targeting to be the source for goods or services.
Ermis the manufacturer:ERM team will make supplies available for sale.
Ermis the manager:ERM will create other sources of revenues by establishing managing agencies, which is a “low cost high profit” industry.

Ermis adoption plan schematic




Ermis the concept:

Ermis concept is pretty unique and is one that should be used more often by new upcoming altcoins. They have established a system where coin holders are going to benefit more by keeping their coins safe in their wallet. Ermis will use a specific % of the revenue generated trough their businesses to act as a buy support on the markets. This buy support will sustain the market price and any coin purchased trough the buy support is redistributed to the coin holders via a platform which is still to be created. Coin holders will be able to store their coins on this platform and according to the amount of coins they are holding, they will receive a % of the Ermis coins generated trough the buy support. The more you hold, the more you receive. This is an anti-dump measure which will ensure a healthy market and avoid any dramatic fall in price.

IPO sale

Ermis IPO is already happening and is going to end on November 14th. The IPO investors will have a great advantage for their early trust toward the project. This advantage is a dual profit scheme which basically allow the IPO investors to hold a share of what Ermis could be worth in the long term. One of the biggest advantage of the IPO investors will be to receive direct BTC payouts from the profit generated trough the Ermis businesses.




Ermis Forum:

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