Spells Of Genesis – Innovating the Game Economy with Bitcoin

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Geneva, Swiss-based company EverdreamSoft is developing the first trading card game which will integrate Bitcoin and blockchain technology in its game economy as well as its storyline.

Spells of Genesis is a mobile game mixing the collection and strategic aspects of Trading Card games with the addictiveness of Arcade games. Players embark on an epic adventure in the fantasy realm of Moonga where they collect, trade and combine orbs to build the strongest decks to defeat various opponents. The combination of intuitive gameplay and the deep strategy featured in hardcore trading card games is what makes Spells of Genesis “easy to learn, but hard to master”. It seeks to captivate casual and new players, as well as to hardcore players and fans of strategic (card) games. It is a targeted for a Summer 2015 release on iOS & Android devices!

Game economy
While working as a core of the whole game economy and background story, Bitcoin will be used as an in-game means of exchange. Blockchain-based assets called mines and gems can easily be trade in-app or outside of the app. When the game launches, the mines will start producing gems. An internal marketplace will allow players to trade gems for Bitcoin.

A game for the community
Their motivation in developing this game stems from their aspiration to create a game in strong cooperation with the community.

“Instead of being the only party profiting from the success of the game, we want our players to profit from it as well. We saw some of our players trading rare cards in the game, for more than 1000 USD, even if it is not allowed by the terms of service. A whole economy has emerged in the game. Then we thought about how we could go beyond that and leverage digital goods ownership. This is how Bitcoin naturally emerged in our concept.” said Shaban Shaame, Founder and CEO of EverdreamSoft.

The game will be funded using a new phenomenon called a “Crowdsale”, comparable to a “Crowdfunding”. If someone backs the crowdsale, they will have a financial share in the success of the game instead of only getting goodies or a free copy of the game. The crowdsale is tailored to be a revenue sharing system with backers. 100,000 mines will be put up for sale during the Crowdsale. Everyone who is interested can buy some of these mines to help finance the development of the game.

Support the project
The value of a mine increases based on the number of pre-registered users on their website and also the number of Facebook and Twitter followers they have. The crowdsale will start when the mine value reaches $3.50. Free mines are being rewarded to everyone who signs up at before the crowdsale begins.

About EverdreamSoft
EverdreamSoft is a Swiss-based company specialized in the development of casual and online trading card games for smartphones giving communities of gamers the possibility to interact and contribute to the development of these games. Founded in 2010, they are the creators of the successful trading card game Moonga. Learn more at
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