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Gems; Fully encrypted messaging system

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Gems is approaching it’s official Token sale phase in less then a week from now and we can see the hype building around the first ever Cryptocurrency social network application. As introduced in our previous articles here and here, Gems coin is going viral with it’s unique revenue sharing concept.

As most of you already knows, Gems app works the same way as Whatsapp which is one if not the most popular mobile messenger worldwide. Whatsapp was sold for over 19 Billions and this is without even allowing their users to take their part of the profit.

In our previous articles we covered some of the very great features and aspects of Gems app but there is much more to it and we will try to introduce some more unique aspects in details.

We have seen a lot of concern in the past regarding encrypted messaging system surrounding popular mobile messaging applications as BBM and Whatsapp. These 2 applications had initial claim of having a 100% encrypted messaging system which has been proved to be false over the time. Gems has a different way to ensure the messages through their systems are fully secured and encrypted.

How does the Gems messaging system work?

Not every conversations needs precaution and this is why there is two different categories when it comes to privacy messaging with Gems app.

The first one is the standard level which is encrypted but not necessarily provided with the highest level of privacy. It really depends on the level of privacy each users are looking forward to. The second level is the secret messaging system which has 2 different security layouts to it.

Both levels ensures a level of encryption secured over the Gems instant messaging cloud server.

Communications between the two is performed over SSL in a secure tunnel (HTTPS) with 256-bit keys. This prevents third-parties from listening in. This also prevents man-in-the-middle attacks and makes sure the Gems app only communicates with the real server and not anyone impersonating it.

The secret messaging ensure an extra layout of security which allow no one else then the receiver to see the actual message using a client-client encryption.

Every Gems app generates a unique random pair of 4096-bit public/private keys upon installation. The public key is propagated within the network, but the private key never leaves the device. The public/private pair is unique to a device. If the user transfers his Gems account to a new device, a new pair is created. The key pair is also expired and refreshed periodically to enhance security.

Basically every user have their own public key and using the secret messaging system allows every message to stay between these 2 public keys. If user A sends a message to user B, the only public key allowed to open this message is the one user B has which is associated to his device. There is only 1 public key per device and if a user wants to change his device, a new key is then generate and the previous one deleted off the system.

This extra protection ensure that even the Gems server infrastructure cannot access these messages. Even if Gems server is compromised and hacked, hackers won’t be able to retrieve any of the secret messaging conversations. This client-client encryption system is providing a zero trust environment and this is what makes the secret Gems messaging system completely anonymous.

The Gems concept

Gems concept is pretty simple to understand, the application is your ordinary every day messenger. You could compare using it to Facebook messenger,Whatsapp or BBM messenger because the use of the app is aimed to work the same way. You are able to chat, send videos, pictures and what ever you feel like sharing with your friends but this time you are getting paid for it. The more active you become by referring friends, using the application or making transactions through the app which is also working as a wallet the more you will be awarded on a daily basis.

Token sale

The token sale is due to start on the 1st of December using the Koinify platform.
Early investors are benefiting of an advantage over late investors in term of coins received per BTC invested.


Many other advantages appears to the Tokens sale buyers as discussed in our previous articles and it should definitely be worth the investment.





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