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What is Gems?

Gems is an app which can easily be compared to the many other mobile messengers applications, with one important distinction: it pays you to use it! Gems has a unique way to reward people who uses the social platform. Social networks like Facebook or Twitter have made billions of dollars because of you, their user base. But they have not rewarded their users in return for their part in the success.

That’s where Gems decides to bring this social network experience to a completely different level. You will now be rewarded for using a mobile messenger. Active users will be receiving Gems coins on a daily basis just for using the application. These coins are going to have an actual value on the market and you will be able to cash them out through multiple exchanges paired with a Bitcoin market.

Advertise with Gems

Gems has it’s own currency which you can see as advertising tokens. These tokens will be initially purchasable through any Gems/Bitcoin market, with later availability for USD/Gems markets.

There is multiple advertising features for advertisers to choose from;

  • Paying to send personal unsolicited messages: This advertising feature is allowing you to reach people outside of your network. You pay to reach these known and popular people and the price to reach them will depend on how popular the recipient is. You will never have to pay to contact anyone within your network (your friends).


  • Paying for priority messages: These messages will always appear on top of your list no matter how much other messages you are receiving it will be shown as a kind of sponsored messages and will most likely attract the users curiosity.


  • Paying for a sponsored appearance in the contact list: A pretty simple but very efficient concept. Let’s say you are looking to sell an asic miner, you will be able to put it as a status where hundreds of thousands people will be able to see your status. Once someone see your status they are then able to contact you about your status is about.


  • Commercial Company Pages / e-commerce: You will be able to register as a company for everyone to see what you have to offer. Gems will be convenient to use for light e-commerce (1-click purchases). Deeper ecommerce capabilities will allow businesses to present a goods/services catalog, support checkout with Gems and provide light order management.

GEMS Official token sale: December 1st 2014

The official gems token sale is live and will last for 35 days unless all coins are sold before January 5th 2015.

Gems has established an early investors reward model which allow the early participants to receive more coins for their investments. Below you can see a breakdown graph which explain well enough how the ratio of Gems/BTC distribution will work during the sale.





The token sale will hold 50M coins and any leftovers will be destroyed as quoted below on Koinify.com, the official Gems sale platform:

50M of all the XGEM will be available for purchase by the public. Any unsold XGEM will be sent to an unspendable address (i.e. burnt), hence the overall supply could be less than 100m.



Go to www.koinify.com to subscribe for the token sale


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