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As new Altcoins are constantly being launched, new projects and ideas are being discovered. Most of these altcoins have no future plans and are basically only made to profit the developers but it happens for us to find a few one’s who are really standing out from your usual Altcoin. Cleverhash has this unique concept where it provides their investors with a way to redeem physical and cloud chip miners through the use of Cleverhash coins.

The first ever hardware mining manufacturer to launch it’s own asic backed coin. Cleverhash is introducing the idea of backing up their own coin by linking these coins to a real life value which is their own asic miners and will provide their investors the chance to purchase these miners via the use of Cleverhash tokens.

These Cleverhash tokens have been sold at the price of .50 USD on the very well known exchange Bittrex and are going to be associated with a value of 1 USD when it comes to purchasing the Cleverhash asic miners products. This is probably the most exiting part which makes anyone who purchase these tokens below the price of 1 USD a winner when it comes to purchasing the asic products.

The team

Backed up by a very experienced team of entrepreneurs, the Cleverhash team is to be taken very seriously.

Cofounder Jonathan Lauer started his first successful company when he was only 16 years old. It was one of the first to offer 24/7 remote support services for small businesses.

Jason Kennedy, Cleverhash Technologies Cofounder, attended Georgia’s Kennesaw State University, where he studied business management. Fresh out of high school, Jason started his first computer company, and later went on to develop several other successfull business in the auto, telecommunications, insurance, marine conservation and technology industries.

Michael “Sarge” Kavcak is a computer engineer with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry. Sarge graduated with distinction from Penn State with a B.S. in computer engineering in 1990. He continued his education at UT-Austin, receiving an MSEE degree. Sarge has worked for such companies as AMD, Apple, and SMSC before setting out on his own as a consultant.

The products

Cleverhash is aiming to design the most advanced ASIC processor in the Cryptocurrency world. What makes their miners so unique compared to all the other miners on the market is the power consumption it is going to be using and the multiple algorithms these miners are able to mine.

Customers can choose either the X11, X13, or X15 algorithm, based cryptocurrencies to be mined.

Cleverhash is introducing 3 different miners to be redeemed with the hash tokens. Two of these miners will come with a cloud mining ship which allow owners to sell these cloud hashes on the unique decentralized cloud mining platform which we will introduce later on.

1-The Subsonic is the less powerful one hashing at a speed of 150MH. The price of this miner is set to 900 USD or 900 Cleverhash tokens.

2-The Sonic miner provide the performance of 127, R9, and 280X video cards. These gpus would normally cost around $38 000 and consumes about 20.3 kilowatts of power when running the X11 algorithm. The price of the Sonic miner is $3,985 or 3,985 Cleverhash Tokens and will be mining at an outstanding rate of 600 MH/s and will consume from 90% to 98% less electricity then a gpu mining rig providing the same hashing rate.

3-The Aurora is the third and most powerful of their products. It will produce 1,200,000 MH/s, or speeds of 1.2 Gigahash with a power consumption of around 750 watts. The aurora miner price is $7,499 or 7,499 Cleverhash Tokens.

As stated previously two of these miners are going to be provided with a cloud mining chip.

Both the Aurora and Sonic ASIC miner will include an additional “cloud chip.” Users can activate the optional cloud feature! Without affecting your advertised hash-rate, an additional speed of 300 MH will be pointed to your cloud mining platform that will be interfaced with the wallet Qt, or accessed via for your management.

Asic owners will have the choice of either renting these hash rates or adding them to their actual asic mining power and claim the direct payouts. If you don’t wish to go over the trouble of receiving your physical miners via delivery you will also be given the option to host your purchased miners on the cloud hashing network. You will still be able to claim the delivery of your physical product at any time if you change your mind.

The platform is directly featured into the very good looking Cleverhash wallet as seen below;


Our strategy is to decentralize the hardware over a peer-to-peer network. The ultimate control resides with the owner of the hardware, as it is optional to plug into the network to rent out your chips hash-rate.

Cleverhash team went through a full trust verification provided by the very popular CoinsSource which aim to establish the legitimacy of the developpers behind some of the most popular altcoins on the market. They have been awarded with the highest trust score verification which adds to their good reputation.


Why did you decide to get into the mining hardware?

We got into mining back in 2013 before there were ASIC miners available and were thrilled when the hardware became available. After ordering from many of the companies we experienced more negatives than positives. It for this reason that we felt it was important to create a product that would empower the little guy and remove as many of the potential negative experiences by doing it the right way. Limited production, affordability and decentralized cloud mining that would be just a few of our core focuses.

What are your future plans regarding product range?

Our core focus isn’t quantity but quality. In providing a solution that will empower 4,000 customers as that will be our production cap for our hardware. Only the exclusive customer base will have the ability to purchase more equipment down the road. We plan on developing other algorithm based chips for continued growth versus mass production. This should add value to our customer by looking out for their mining interest first.

Could you explain what is the next big step following your crowdfunding?

Our next big steps include the development of the decentralized cloud mining platform, Website product launch & other equity crowdfunding campaigns to fill any gaps in funding requirements through websites like

We expect to have our plates full for the foreseeable future and are looking forward to delivering to the community services and products that maintain value longer and empower the community.




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