Stable COIN; C-CEX ICO ending on December 15

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The Cryptocurrency world has changed a lot in the past year. The time where long term Altcoins were carefully planned in order to offer a healthy market for the investors is making itself a rare thing these days. One of the main problems these news coins are having, is the price volatility which often happen to change in a very short lapse of time. From the perspective of a merchant this is one of the “turn off” they are having regarding the acceptance of any Cryptocurrency.


A new altcoin called Stable (STB) has been released recently and is trying to address this main concern. This new Cryptocurrency is not the flashy type of coin which usually promise the dozens of wallet features but instead, it aims to achieve this level of stability which could eventually turn a doubtful merchant into a confident one regarding Crypto payments.

With STABLEFUND we aim to stabilize the market volatility, turning STABLE a viable payment solution for merchants.

The team is aiming to have a hold on 75% of the coins on the market through the StableFund concept. They are not aiming to purchase their own coins but instead, by creating an incentive for the big holders to keep a good part of their coins in a secured wallet in exchange of a share of the profit generated through the StablePay and the StableMine features. 


STABLEMINE is a multipool that will be used for value increases. We will use big miners to mine altcoins and with those mining profits, create market demand for STABLE.



STABLEPAY is for STABLE what BitBay is for Bitcoin, a ready to use payment gateway for merchants wanting to use STABLE as a payment solution.

STABLEFUND investors will receive the following benefits:70% of STABLEPAY profits and 100% of STABLEMINE mined coins (divided between all of the investors).

In order to be eligible to join this program you will need to hold around 44 000 Stables. Once this is done you will have to register the following form to send your application for the StableFund program here.


rsz_podstableThe team identity has been verified through the POD service of cryptoasian.


The team is holding a small Ico which is hosted at C-CEX. The ICO holds 2M total coins at the price of 1250 Satoshis. Nearly 40% of the ICO has already been sold, at this rate we would believe it is only a matter of time before the investors grabs the remaining coins. There is only 3 more days left for this event which is ending on December 15 2014. The ICO will be followed by a small POW phase of 200k STBs , which could bring an interesting value depending on how strong the hashing power will be.

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