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College Cryptocurrency Network joins GEMS Messaging App Revolution Over 1 Million students attending over 150 University, Colleges, Middle and High Schools are represented by chapters of the College Cryptocurrency Network who are pleased to announced support for the newest disruptive messaging app GEMS, keeping the value of the network with the people who will use this unique service.

The success of the pre­sale of the Gems token Gemz, has now reached over $500,000 USD in less than 2 weeks, showing that the time is right to support this new way of monetizing Social Media using peer ­to­ peer technology.

According to Executive Director, Jeremy Gardner, “The College Cryptocurency Network was founded with the purpose of creating a grassroots movement for blockchain education, innovation, and advocacy.” Gardner continues, “We are excited to partner with a company with such a similarly aligned mission of grassroots adoption. Gems will provide an excellent gateway for young people interested in cryptocurrencies to gain access in an intuitive manner by sharing messaging with their friends.” Learn more about the CCN at and visit to purchase GEMZ for yourself.

If you are new to CryptoCurrency and Bitcoin, visit the 24/7 Skype Chat were any of the over 100 people online are prepared to answer your questions and assist you through the process. Go to the bottom of and click on the Skype Logo.

Let’s Talk Bitcoin developer, Devon Weller is building web applications that use the Counterparty protocol. When asked why he purchased GEMZ Weller stated, “ I find GEMZ intriguing because it is an infusion of Cryptocurrency, user empowerment and mass market appeal. Innovative projects like GEMZ are on the forefront of the coming wave of decentralized applications.”

Contacts: GEMS ­ Daniel Peled ­ +972523662259
KOINIFY ­ Tom Ding ­
COINPROZ ­ Tim Frost ­
SOCIAL RADIUS ­ Michael Terpin
TRANSFORM ­ Martin Stein ­
CCN ­ Jeremy Gardner ­

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