Stable is one of the latest release in the altcoin world. The coin is still in it’s ICO phase at C-Cex for the next 24 hours only.

We have been in contact with the Stable team and managed to pull out some more information about the project.

Could you explain to the crypto community what is Stable exactly?

 The team likes to define STABLE as an easy to use, stable and trustworthy blockchain based payment platform. But you can say that we are a coin that wants to redefine the crytpo scene, breaking the last frontier – real world acceptance.

How did you come to think about this concept?

 The concept was developed by a team of 3 persons, two of them have been watching the cryptoworld and sitting on the sidelines for some time now. We saw what crypto needed and decided to come up with a concept that could provide it.

What makes STABLE different from most of the other altcoins?
I think STABLEFUND is what differentiates STABLE from the rest of the altcoin scene, STABLEFUND is the backbone of STABLE, with it our concept wouldn’t work.
Could you elaborate about the Stable roadmap and future plans?
The idea is to have a roadmap ready every 2 weeks. Why? Because we understand that crypto moves fast and a lot of things will change as we progress so we don’t want to stick to a strict roadmap. The first 2 weeks of STABLE will see the launch of STABLEMINE, the first value incrementation and the launch of a new wallet featuring all the info about STABLEFUND at the current time.
What exactly is StableFund and how is it going to be of any benefit to the coin?
I’m glad you asked. Basically STABLEFUND is what a fund that aims to minimize price volatility and help STABLE create value. Investors that decide to enter STABLEFUND will have to send 80% of their coins to a multisignature wallet, controlled by the investor and one of STABLE’s team members and compromise themselves to withdraw a maximum of 20% of their STABLEFUND STABLE per month. But STABLEFUND investors will receive a LOT of benefits. 70% of STABLEPAY profits and 100% of STABLEMINE mined coins (divided between all of the investors).
Btw, we wrote a whitepaper about it, if you want to check it out and know more about it, it’s here.
What are you planning to do with the ICO which is hosted by C-Cex?
ICO will serve two purposes. Buy the rigs we need to kick off STABLEMINE and help us doing the first value increase (the next ones will be done with STABLEPAY profits, STABLE’s payment solution for merchants).
Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions but before we end this interview, do you have anything you would like to add for the potential stable investors?
I suggest possible investors to research STABLE, including the STABLEFUND whitepaper. I also suggest current investors to join the fund (applications are being reviewed as we speak!) here.

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