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The world of Cryptocurrency is evolving at a very fast pace and we are witnessing the birth of some great concepts which could really help to bring more attention to the Crypto scene.  This time our attention was directed at a new online HR tool that will allow people who are looking for a job to conduct an online video interview by answering the employers questions. This tool will allow the users to upload their interview application though their webcam and even more interesting directly through their smart phones.

Applicants conduct interviews by recording the answers using a web camera or a smartphone. You look through the video answers whenever and wherever you wish, and you will only require internet connection, a computer or a smartphone. By using Resumeo you can choose applications who are actually suitable for the job and spare more time to meet them in person. 

Right now there is only a beta version of the website available. The beta is not near completion yet since there are still some bugs and some features are yet to be added. You can view the early beta stage of the website hereBy acquiring some Resumeo shares you are entitled to receive dividends from the profit generated by the platform. The shares will be allocated 10% of the revenue generated through the platform and will be paid on the 30th of every month starting from March 1st, 2015.

How does the dividends system works?

  • Dividends are attributed only to the shares being in the Resumeo Shares wallet no less than 24 hours and available for Block Explorer verification.
  • Dividends are not attributed to the shares in exchange wallets.
  • Dividends are attributed provided that there is a net profit.
  • Dividents are attributed in Bitcoin.


The IPO is being hosted by C-Cex. The funds are released upon specific financial requests like design, marketing or to cover some of the programmers salaries in January 2015.

Every first week of the month following the IPO, financial reports including information on allocation of Bitcoins collected at IPO, will be posted on the service website.

The actual IPO price is at 310 Satoshis per share with a total of 20M shares to be sold. The IPO is ending in 9 days and the price will go up by 10 Satoshis every 24 hours to finally end with a price of 390 Satoshis per share. The team is intending to release the full version of their platform in the first half of January 2015 and have plans to register themselves as a Join- stock company by May 2015.

A more specific roadmap is yet to be introduced and will be covered in our next article.

The team has been awarded with a 5/5 POD trust score by cryptoasian proof of developer service.





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