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Bitcoin social messenger startup GetGems raises $400,000 in seed funding from Magma Venture Partners

Daniel Peled, CEO of GetGems, a social messaging app with a built in and easy to use electronic Bitcoin wallet, is pleased to report a new strategic partnership with Magma VC, formerly the first backer of the commonly used Waze navigation application.

GetGems is a new social messenger service that includes a secure Bitcoin wallet and further rewards users of the messaging service with GEMZ – a cryptocurrency on top of the Bitcoin block-chain.

GetGems offers a mix of secure encrypted messaging, together with providing non tech-savvy users the ability to hold a secure Bitcoin wallet from which they can transfer value to other messaging users of the GetGems service.

Magma Venture Partners is a leading Israeli venture capital firm which seeks bright ideas at their earliest stages. Their goal is to enable a flow of innovation from the earliest stage all the way through until a company realizes its potential reach.

Founder Daniel Peled stated that:

 The Team and I are super excited to work with the people and resources of Magma VC. They are well known for their venture capital support for the ever popular Waze, another Israel based tech company


According to Magma VC Managing Partner and Co-Founder Modi Rosen:

The combination of social messaging, and the transfer of value, is something we strongly believe in. GetGems is in a unique position to introduce Bitcoin Wallet and other new crypto-currencies to the wider consumer base. We’re very excited to be part of the journey and look forward to what’s next.

GetGem’s recent crowdfunding program on the Koinify platform has so far raised 2250 BTC (approx. $600,000 USD) through the sale of the digital-product GEMZ token. To be an early supporter and buy GEMZ go to A beta version of the Android app can be found on the Google Play store

For more information please contact Daniel Peled +97252366225,

or Ran Achituv | General Partner MagmaVC  +972-3-696-7285

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