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C2, the first decentralized gaming currency is creating it’s own first person shooter game and more. The team has been very active in the past couple of weeks and were able to show us great improvements regarding their gaming creations.

It surely isn’t the first time you hear about C2 since the team has been working on this project for over a year now despite the fact that no ICO was raised to fund the project they are still working endlessly to bring out the best gaming currency to the Crypto world.

When it comes to creating a crypto-currency for gamers there is always one major problem which is integrating the currency into already established gaming platforms. To do so you would need the approbation of these big gaming companies and this is a big NO usually. That’s where C2 is completely stepping up their game. The team has been working with developers for a couple of months now and are creating their own games to avoid any future copyright or legal issues.

The most recent game which is being worked on is Chain of Conflict, a first person shooter game. The latest demo was released a few days ago and can be found at the official C2 gaming website.

Here are the latest released screenshots;

C2 gaming

B8uow8DIEAA4nDLThese screenshots are still in the early phase and as you arereading this article right now the game is being worked on by the developers.

They already have two other games ready to play which can be found and tested at the official C2 gamestore c2hB8v6iU9IgAAnn3Gttp://

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Wallet ( use only the wallet updated from the official C2 thread)

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