Spells of Genesis Announces BitCrystals As Their In-Game Currency

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EverdreamSoft is excited to announce BitCrystals as the fuel and premium in-game currency for their upcoming mobile trading card/arcade game Spells of Genesis (SoG), which will integrate Bitcoin and blockchain technology in its game economy as well as its storyline.

BitCrystals are Counterparty assets which will be used to create new card packs or to trade game items with other players. The new token system with BitCrystals will replace their original two-asset model with mines and gems, which was reworked after seeking feedback and advice from experts in cryptocurrency.

The use of Counterparty tokens in SoG will make it possible for game items to be easily traded within and outside the game app. Players will own their game items and cards in the game world as well as in the bitcoin blockchain. Other Counterparty functions such as the lock feature will give players the option to lock a specific amount of rare cards in a public and transparent manner.

Their unique token system works with a platform which will burn BitCrystals in order to issue new digital game assets to players. 70,000,000 BitCrystals will be made available for purchase during a Token Sale, which will fund the development of the game. To reward early supporters, free BitCrystals are being given to everyone who signs up at http://spellsofgenesis.com before the token sale begins.

About EverdreamSoft

EverdreamSoft is a Swiss-based company specialized in the development of casual and online trading card games for smartphones giving communities of gamers the possibility to interact and contribute to the development of these games. Founded in 2010, they are the creators of the successful trading card game Moonga. Learn more at http://www.everdreamsoft.com

Press Contact

Hnin Pwint Lwin
Press Kit: http://everdreamsoft.com/press/sheet.php?p=spells_of_genesis

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