Jackpotcoin; take over and new wallet released

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One of the greatest thing in the growing altcoin market is the unique features that are being introduced with these altcoins. The more we learn about the altcoin world the more we see how this could be a perfect fit for not only the cryptographers but for everybody else which are not aware of the crypto-currencies existence.

As we know lottery has always been popular in the real world and this is why Jackpot coin has been created. JPC uses it’s own unique algorithm which is called JHA. The JHA algorithm consists in random super-blocks allowing everyone to have an equal chance of catching these extra JPC’s while mining. Why is it so important? The randomness in which is found the super-block is what makes JPC unique. JPC is not the first coin that have attempted these super-block rewards but it is the first one who managed to achieve the concept perfectly.

The super-block generated trough mining is called the “Jackpot lottery” reward. This lottery reward is triggered in an average of 3 days and a half and the longer it takes to find this super-block the bigger the random block prize becomes which brings us to the latest Jackpot won at 2M JPC which is valued at around 0,1BTC with the actual market price. Doesn’t that makes you want to get your miners ready to mine some Jackpot coins?



How do I know what is the current jackpot size?

–  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=584481.0
–  http://jackpotcoin.info/wp/#Jackpot
–  http://jackpotcoin.info/jackpotimg.php

Lately there has been a lot of community discussion regarding JPC’s future and they recently brought on board a new developer to help with the coin development. Short term development has been introduced and just a couple days ago a new wallet release was announced. We can feel the community behind JPC’s is a very active one and the support toward this coin is giving it the chance to have a very bright future.

2015 is a new year and we could see Jackpot coin which is having a good start so far rise due to it’s community efforts.

Additional links

Website: http://jackpotcoin.info/
Forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=584481.0

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