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Did you ever wonder where to invest your Bitcoins while looking at these new altcoins being launched on a daily basis? Most of these altcoins turns out to be useless and meaningless coins that have only one purpose after being created which is to allow their greedy so called “developers” to earn from either a ridiculous premine amount or an ICO scam as we have seen a lot lately.

Your days of searching for the right coin to invest in are probably over. Master Trader Coin is providing a unique solution to all of us who are just tired of falling for the same pumps and dumps schemes. MTR coin which owns the Toshidesk social platform have a very specific purpose for their coin which is to provide a social media platform where Master traders are giving advice,making their researches and letting you avoid the whole hassle of wondering which coin is most likely to have a legit use behind it. As we all know, most of us have real world jobs and cannot follow up on every great opportunity out there.

The last thing you want after a big day of work is to come online seeking  for hours a legitimate investment to make and ending up being caught into a game ran by fraudsters which often uses troll boxes chat and social networks hypes to influence you to buy into their projects. The Toshidesk social platform will allow the general cryptographers to have a chance of making the right investment and to avoid the false hype made around these made up stories surrounding a specific coin. Who are these Master traders? They could be you and me providing clear analysis to the potential investors. The Master traders are doing what they do best which is to analyse the markets for you and after a successful investment is made they are rewarded/tipped by the investors with some MTR coins.

Basically, the Toshidesk platform can be seen as a financial consultant trader similar to what we see in real life. Each Master trader receive a rating either good or bad on each analysis they make. This way, they gather a positive rating which makes the decision of following certain successful traders easier.

The MTR coin is still in an escrowed ICO phase which is made trough 3 phases in a 3 weeks period. The phase 1 is over while phase 2 is soon to be open. The amount of MTR to be received upon your investment depend on how much of your BTC is invested on the total BTC amount gathered trough the ICO. 110 000 MTR are to be sold on this initial coin offering while the first two phases holds 50 000 MTR each. The third phase is for the miners which are going to be able to obtain a share of the 10 000 MTR trough a seven-day proof of work mining process.

While reading the whitepaper we have came to the conclusion that this concept has been thoughtfully planned from the ground. We often see new projects announced without an actual product claiming development is on the way but the MTR team made sure to develop the main feature of their project even before they decided to announce it. The Toshidesk platform is live and running with an open beta registration process put in place for Master traders and investors to join and get used to the platform right away. The design has been one of the best we’ve seen so far in the Cryptocurrency community and the same can be said about their wallet as seen below.



Some features of the Toshidesk platform

  • Market Activity numbers and graphs
  • Highlighted information about today’s top Master
  • List of highest ranked charts
  • Display of latest charts
  • List of highest ranked Masters
  • List of latest comments
  • Login fields
  • Links to pages for:
  • Charts and Analysis

We have been in contact with one of the MTR developers and we can say they are very active and provide fast support on a daily basis. This is always a good sign toward investing your Bitcoins in the right place and we look forward to provide you more details as this team keeps on moving forward with their developments.



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