ShoCard; Proving Your Identity Trough The Blockchain

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During The TechCrunch Disrupt in NY, the ShoCard founders presented a potential solution where it would only take a clic to identify someone using the Blockhain technology.

The theoretical possible use: The numerical print of the documents are sent to the Bitcoin Network in order to be placed in the Blockchain. With the mobile application ShoCard uses your private key to sign your operations, you will be able to identify yourself in a very easy way with the ShoCard partners. We are talking about banks and establishments where the identifying system lack simplicity. 

The project being very ambitious and well supported by two former yahoo experts might scare the big institutions when they hear the word Blockchain.  If everything goes right on paper it will be a hard task to convince these big financial establishments which are most likely not convinced yet by the security surrounding Bitcoin.

When we talk to banks, when we talk about bitcoin, they want to stay away from it. We don’t use bitcoin, we use the blockchain. And we don’t use it just to say that we use the blockchain. It allows us to avoid being a trusted third-party.

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