Circle's Bitcoin App Acknowledged By Google At 2015 I/O Awards

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During Google’s I/O conference 2015, the Bitcoin mobile app Circle was able to attract a lot of attention and received a trustworthy mention being presented along with some very popular and trending brands as the New York Times, Buzzfeed, tumblr. We could definitely say Circle has come a long way from it’s last appearance in 2014 at the London Coinscrum conference.

By acknowledging the application, google is encouraging Android users to have a more open view on Bitcoins wallet and jump into the Bitcoin economical world by purchasing a few themselves.


The application is a simplified way of purchasing Bitcoins by allowing it’s users to purchase the currency via their bank account without having to pay any fees. Larry Page co-founder  mentions:

If you have a product that’s gaining a lot of usage, then it’s  probably a good idea.

The android app still have a long way to go to catch their number one competitor which is the Coinbase app at the moment. But with such exposure we would believe it’s only a question of time before this fast  growth allows them to aim way higher.

One of the main feature catching attention is their free insurance policy which intend to cover any loss of Bitcoins in the unfortunate circumstances of a breach or a system defect. This feature might be the key of a wider and trusted Bitcoin adoption when it comes to using Bitcoin in general.

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