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Viral Coin

The next generation coins seems to be promising and full of ambitions in 2015. We cannot hide the fact that these coins might turn into scams or into failures due to the lack of work provided to back them up but some of them are definitely worth a look. Our latest attention has been toward ViralCoin.

One of the fastest growing revenue network of the internet is of course social network advertising’s. For this reason the Viral team created a coin where they believe could be labeled as an alternative to the overpriced advertising services like Adsense, Twitter or Facebook. This publishers/advertisers market is in full expansion and the team believe they could definitely sneak in to attract some of these revenues and inject them right into the coin market.

One of the main issues Altcoins often encounter is the lack of fresh money to support the market which is something that the Viral team took into consideration while planning their concept.

The Viral Coin network is built around nodes, these nodes are the users that authorizes the network to publish advertising trough their social network accounts.

it’s value is based on frequent injections of sponsor funds into the VIRAL network. Once a sponsor commits to an agreement with the VIRAL network, their message is now a part of what is known as native marketing. Each sponsor agreement means more value is brought to the VIRAL network and the Coin, through the process where the sponsor’s contribution is used to acquire

VIRAL from the market and then “burn” those coin so that the entire supply is shrunk each time, thus adding value to each and every coin held by VIRAL network participants. It is simple math that just works, no bells or whistles here.

So far the revenue generated trough the sponsors are totaling 3 Bitcoins. The funds have been used to purchase and burn a total of 24 000 Virals which represent around 0.5% of the total coins in circulation.

The first campaign was launched by the Burst developers and we could see the efficiency of the campaign by looking at the Burst market who’s price increased of nearly 15% following the waves of automated tweets.

Source: ViralNode


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