Blockstream Publish Their Work

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Blockstream has officially published the source code of the sidechain github, a software with the purpose of building side chains, along with the code allowing to transact Bitcoins from one blockchain to the other.

We began our work on sidechains almost one year ago first through extensive discussions and debate with others in the technical community, and then in the publication of a whitepaper and launch of Blockstream.

These sidechains could bring a solution to the blockchain network when it comes to minimizing the traffic which the blockchain is constantly dealing with. They could be used for specific transactions to help lower the amount of pressure on the main blockchain for example by using them for micro transactions like those of the multiple faucet payments.

The fact that the team has decided to reveal the source of their code after only 8 months is obviously a way for the community to bring in their inputs on the project.

We’ll make ourselves available to work with developers, and we invite the technical community to join the discussion and get involved in moving sidechains and distributed ledger technology forward.

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