Silk Road update; Carl Force pleading

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Carl Force, Accused by the american justice department which is also the biggest actor in the Silk Road investigation, pleaded guilty on many charges including money laundry, justice obstruction and extortion.

Proofs brought to light at the San Francisco court, clearly proved that the secret agent which used to work as an undercover drug dealer for Silk Road has been blackmailing Ross Ulbricht, Silk Road founder, to pay him over $50 000 worth of Bitcoins in exchange of information’s about the ongoing federal investigation.

The secret agent reported the discussion he had with Ross to his superiors pretending not a single payment was done while he has been paid directly to his Bitcoin wallet address. city maps He also tried to push Ross Ulbricht into bribing him another $98 000 in Bitcoin later on in September 2013.

In a normal crime investigation , it is a very hard task for a criminal under arrest to prove that he has been blackmailed into bribing a police officer but with Bitcoin and the Blockchain keeping every single transactions, the task proving the agent guilt was rather easy to accomplish.

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